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A service that provides full-time degree Ryerson students with unlimited use of transit via TTC services.


The RU-Pass is a service that provides full-time Ryerson students with unlimited use of TTC services. The pass will cost students $70/month. If successful, Ryerson will be the first and only University in Toronto to have such a pass.

Benefits of RU-Pass

Save money!

The RU-Pass will save students who buy post-secondary metro passes over $550 per year.


Ryerson will be the first and only University in Toronto to have this pass. This will boost the school’s reputation and increase the value of your degree.


Not only does the RU-Pass give students unlimited access to TTC services, it also builds our relationship with local transit networks. It is the first step to work with Metrolinx and eventually expand the pass to the Go Transit Network.

Future of RU-PASS

The RU-Pass will be embedded in the Ryerson identity for the years to come.


TTC is expanding to many routes such as The Yonge Subway Extension. This means that students will have access to even more areas of Toronto due to the RU-Pass.

More Partnerships

Metrolinx has said that they’ll work towards expanding the RU-Pass to the Go Network if the TTC Referendum is successful.


The pass covers unlimited trips using TTC services

The RU-Pass will be available to students who take spring/summer courses

An opt-out provision is provided to students whose personal circumstances or needs restrict their ability to utilize transit. These will be assessed on a case-by case basis. 

The pass will be administered on presto

Students who require financial assistance can apply to the RSU Transit grant or the Ryerson Commuter bursary. There is over half a million dollars in grant funding available for students.

Full-time status Ryerson students

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